Delivery Guidelines

XR Layout

Delivery Guidelines

The following are the guidelines for the distribution of live video clips of "XR Layout" and "XRSNS".
"XR Layout" and "XRSNS" welcome video distribution and live broadcasting.
Monetization is not a problem as long as the following rules are followed.

Rules of Delivery

If you are distributing a live video of XR Layout, etc.,
be sure to include both the "XR Layout" and "XRSNS" links below in your summary,
If you use a banner, please use the image below.

XR Layout:

【Other NG acts】
Videos that violate the laws and regulations of each country.
Any statements or actions that are libelous, defamatory, or injurious to others.
Videos or distribution using modified or illegally obtained binaries.
Actions or statements that psychologically interfere with the play-by-play of other play-by-play users.
Videos or distribution that infringe on the intellectual property rights of "XR Layout", "XRSNS", or others.
Videos or distribution that mislead users into believing that "XR Layout" or "XRSNS" is the user's own video game.
Other videos or distribution that are offensive to public order and morals outside of the game content.
Actions that violate the guidelines of the various distribution platforms.

※These guidelines are subject to additions and changes without notice.
Please refer to our "Terms of use"" and "Privacy policy" for further details.

XR Layout Terms

The XR Layout Terms and Conditions are related to the following.

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